Bushlore Toyota Hilux DC 4×4 standard (HILS)

by Jan 30, 2020News

What’s different about the Bushlore hilux 4X4 as opposed to those offered by other rental car companies?

Bushlore specialize in 4×4 rentals to more remote areas, we therefore fit a number of additional accessories to ensure better reliability and thorough preparation. Even when selecting the Bushlore standard 4×4 option instead of the CAMP option the vehicle you receive will have extra accessories. 

These include:
• Uprated all terrain tyres
• 2 spare wheels
• High lift jack and he necessary accessories
• Air compressor
• Long range fuel tank
• Dual battery system
• Roof rack
• Aluminium canopy 
• Draw storage system
• Recovery kit
• 60 l freshwater tank

What’s remote you may ask? Pretty much the whole of Africa outside of the major cities!