Buying a 4×4 For Your Self Drive Adventure

by Nov 27, 2018Testimonials

When going on a longer 4×4 self drive adventure, some of our clients prefer to purchase one of our vehicle. We take care of all the logistics and make it as easy as possible to make this possible.

Have a look at the experience Christine and Holger Leonhard from Germany had when they purchased a Bushlore camper for their self drive holiday in Southern Africa:

We bought a Toyota Hilux Camper from the Bushlore test fleet. Our expectations were very high because we hired a camper before from them and the car and service was superb (we tested the newer shape Hilux and had some problems, and all mechanics said the older model is much more reliable than the new one), much different from what we had experienced with other ZA hire companies. Bushlore fixed everything instantly free of charge!


Our expectation on what we would get was a bit lower as we bought this vehicle blind, meaning we purchased while we had never seen before, and we only did this in full trust that we would not be disappointed. But we thought that equipment might be a bit older and for example the tires might be not in the best condition.


We experienced 100% the opposite. The car was perfect with full service history and it is in perfect condition, with brand new stove and fully equipped with super new or hardly used equipment, 50% worn tires and even the fuel tank was ¾ filled. And everything we still wanted to have was given to us free of charge.


Having a 30 days warranty, we went to Zimbabwe and used the car hard including rough 4×4 roads. Not the slightest sight of problem or unusual wear.


Then, at the end of this vacation, we returned to the Bushlore branch and wanted to get the few things which went lose fixed on our expense. But we were told that it is soon Christmas AND they would not charge us and should have a good flight home (we are from Germany!!!).


All in all a perfect shopping experience. In addition, Dieter Marx helped us a lot with the selection of the insurance company (the most difficult thing to get if you are a non resident), the tracking system and safe storage (at Klipkop, also a good address to use).


We can highly recommend to buy a car from Bushlore and thank Dieter, Rob and Mark for everything they did for us to make this happen.”



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