Must have items for road trips in Southern Africa and 4x4ing

by Nov 15, 2022Destinations, Safety Tips

If you’re looking to hit the road for a holiday away, we have a list of must have items  for your trip – that all come with our Bushlore vehicles.  

The difference between a stock 4wd and a fully-equipped off-roading camper like our  vehicles is like night and day, but what exactly constitutes fully equipped? Sure, there  are a bunch of modifications and accessories you can fit or make to your vehicle to  increase its offroad performance, but it’s easy to overlook the stuff you keep inside  your 4×4 when figuring out what you need to travel safely 

And the thing is, you’ll only really know what you really want to carry around in your  off-road rig once you’ve been out and about without it. 

So as a handy place to begin – we’ve assembled a list of what we see as indispensable  equipment to be stowed on-board your 4×4 or overlander. 

List of Road Trip Must Haves

(equipment and accessories – not personal items)

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2 Spare Wheels & Good Tyres 

A second spare wheel is always advisable when travelling in remote areas. Much of  Africa can be considered remote and good tyres and a second spare are advisable. 

Good Wheel Changing Tools 

Ensure you have all components necessary for wheel changing and that they are in  good condition. 

Tool kit 

In the event of a breakdown, or if something gets knocked loose when you’re driving  or offroad, you’ll need to be able to make repairs. A lot of the time, damage to your  vehicle won’t be able to be fixed properly when you’re still out on the trail, so instead,  it’s a good idea to keep things like wire, tape, and metal putty in your tool kit, as well  as regular tools and a few spares. 

First aid kit 

You should never go on holiday without a well-stocked first aid kit. Be sure to keep  any medication, such as pain relief, antiseptic creams or antihistamines fresh, and in  the case of an injury or allergic reaction, you’ll want your kit to be easily accessible. 

High Lift Jack 

A flat tyre or a tyre that’s jumped the bead is pretty much an inevitability, and when it  happens, you need to be able to jack your vehicle up to change the tyre. A standard  scissor jack is unlikely to cut the mustard offroad, so be sure to carry a bottle jack,  high-lift jack with a base plate or airbag jack. The high lift jack is also very important if  you get stuck in sand and need to lift the vehicle.

Communication Device 

A good communication device goes a long way towards keeping you and others safe  off-road. Having a mobile and satellite communication device is essential. 

Deflator & Inflator 

When you drive off-road, you need to let the air out of your tyres in order to allow  them to flex more, and thus provide more grip. It’s easy enough to do, and with a  deflator that comes with a gauge, you can ensure that your tyre pressure is exactly  where you need it to be. The thing is, when you get back to the road, you don’t want  to be driving around on deflated tyres as your safety, and the safety of everyone else  on the road will be seriously compromised. 


This is one of those tools that is so easily overlooked, and in many ways can be done  without, but just makes horrible tasks so much easier than you really should have  one. Sure, you could dig out soft sand or mud with your hands or a chunk of bark, or  you could invest in a simple folding shovel instead and save your back and your  hands, and reduce the effort when digging out the soft stuff beneath your tyres, and  filling the hole with rocks, sticks or a traction pad. 

Fire Extinguisher 

When you think about it, all vehicles are carrying around a bunch of really flammable  stuff, and the last thing you need when you’re far from civilisation is that stuff  catching fire. When you are going off-road, the likelihood of a vehicle fire breaking  out is increased due to the additional strain placed on your engine, as well as the  added potential for impacts or damage that can cause fires. When you are off-road,  you’ll need to be able to take care of any fires yourself, and you’ll need an extinguisher  or two to do that. 

Adequate Fuel Range 

All Bushlore vehicles have long range fuel tanks. In remote areas fuel stations are  scarce so a long-range fuel tank is ideal. 

Some other important items!

– Tow strap 

– Good batteries 

– Car fully serviced and checked! 


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