New Cruiser Camper System Under Development

by Jun 30, 2021Botswana, Destinations, News

In a world where bad news has become the norm, we are excited to announce something of a more positive nature. We’re currently developing and testing a new 4×4 camper system for possible addition to our fleet in the near future.

Read and view the photos from the test by Doris & Jurgen Eberts that visited Botswana & Namibia recently.


At Bushlore, we are constantly keeping abreast of the latest camping systems available,’ says managing director Mark Matheson. ‘We will introduce new models to the fleet that we feel equal or better our current camper specifications. Product development is an important part of our business. One we have determined that the campers are worth considering, they are added to the fleet to run for a couple of years where their durability and reliability can be tested.

The team is currently hard at work developing and testing an alternative model to the current Toyota Land Cruiser Bushcamper 4X4 (Crucam).

The model was recently put to the test when German family, Doris and Jurgen Eberts, opted for this rental during their self-drive safari to Namibia and Botswana.

As the need for a safe and comfortable 4×4 is essential in these remote destinations, their travels offered the perfect opportunity for a full evaluation of the new camper.

Doris and Jurgen mentioned that they had great fun in the Landcruiser and that they had never had a more comfortable stay in all the years that they have travelled to the bush. There was apparently a fair bit of interest from other people at various campsites regarding the technology kitted in the ‘new adventure car’ as well.

After spending ample time in the vehicle, the Ebert family was able to provide thorough feedback for Bushlore to consider before formally introducing the model to the fleet. Suggestions even included minor changes such as ‘I would attach a second bolt at the top of the pull-out heater as this makes it swing less when moving.’

These extensive notes will be used by Bushlore constructively to improve the quality and practicality of the camper, in the hopes of developing a reliable, comfortable new ride to add to our fleet of 4×4 rentals.