Plan A Zimbabwe 4×4 Self-Drive With Your Bushlore Camper Vehicle

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zimbabwe 4x4 self drive

Choosing Zimbabwe for a Bushlore self-drive 4×4 adventure is an invitation to a unique and immersive travel experience.

Zimbabwe is an ideal 4×4 self-drive country and it’s the perfect time to explore the remote parks while it remains affordable.

Here are a few reasons and tips to start planning your Zimbabwe 4×4 self drive holiday.

zimbabwe 4x4 self drive safari

Why Zimbabwe?

Most parks in Zimbabwe are remote and require 4wd and they generally have good camping facilities which makes 4×4 self-drive the ideal mode of travel for those wishing to explore Zimbabwe or looking at a genuine wilderness safari.

In addition, Zimbabwe is focussing on their tourism product and trying to make it simpler and trouble free for tourists to visit there. At the moment there are no more roadblocks and police check points for tourists and the border management is vastly improved. It’s time to start planning your Zimbabwe 4×4 self drive holiday!

zimbabwe 4x4 self drive adventure

1. Natural Wonders:
Zimbabwe is home to some of Africa’s most spectacular natural wonders. Marvel at the majestic Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and navigate the Zambezi River for an unforgettable sunset cruise. The country’s diverse terrain, from lush national parks to the iconic Matobo Hills, offers a breath-taking backdrop for your Bushlore self-drive exploration.

2. Abundant Wildlife:
For wildlife enthusiasts, Zimbabwe is a paradise. Hwange National Park boasts one of the densest concentrations of elephants globally, providing thrilling encounters with these majestic creatures. Matobo National Park offers a chance to spot elusive leopards, making each game drive an adventure filled with surprises. Mana pools is one of Africa’s finest wildlife destinations and Gonarezhou is a hidden gem.

3. Cultural Richness:
Immerse yourself in Zimbabwe’s rich cultural tapestry. Explore the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and delve into the traditions of local communities. The warmth and hospitality of the Zimbabwean people add a unique dimension to your journey, creating lasting memories beyond the landscapes.

4. Scenic Drives:
Zimbabwe’s diverse landscapes offer scenic drives that will capture your heart. From the winding roads of the Eastern Highlands, with their tea plantations and rolling hills, to the vast savannahs of Hwange, every drive is an opportunity to witness the beauty of this country at your own pace.

5. Adventure Activities:
For the thrill-seekers, Zimbabwe provides an array of adventure activities. Experience the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting in the Zambezi River or embark on a rhinoceros tracking adventure in Matobo National Park. The options are as varied as the landscapes you’ll traverse.

Temporary Import Permit (TIP)

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has also introduced the eTIP platform, allowing you to apply for your Temporary Import Permit (TIP) conveniently online before even reaching the border.

zimbabwe 4x4 self drive bushcamper

Why Go Digital with ZIMRA eTIP

Convenience: Apply from anywhere globally before reaching the Zimbabwean border post.
Efficiency: Streamline your paperwork, ensuring a smooth entry process.
Accessibility: Access the platform via both mobile app and web, offering flexibility.

Benefits of eTIP Service:

Did you know that the eTIP service significantly reduces your waiting time within the border? By completing your pre-clearance well before reaching the border, you can enjoy unprecedented convenience. Make the most of the eTIP service, especially if your port of entry is Plumtree, Beitbridge, Kazungula, Chirundu, Forbes, Vic Falls, or Nyamapanda.

Requirements for TIP Application:

Ensure you have the following documentation ready for processing:

– Valid driver’s passport indicating the duration of your stay in Zimbabwe.
– Vehicle registration book (and trailer if applicable).
– Police clearance for non-Mozambican vehicles.
– Affidavit/letter of authority if not owner-driven.
– Valid work permit/permanent resident permit for Zimbabwean drivers.
– Ensure the vehicle is in good condition and roadworthy.

Eligible Vehicles for TIP:

– Passenger vehicles (sedans, station wagons, motorcycles).
– Goods carrying vehicles (with a gross weight not exceeding five tons).
– Passenger carrying vehicles (seating capacity not exceeding 15 people).
– Trailers, boat trailers, and caravans towed by the mentioned vehicles.

Fees and Charges:

– Road Access Fee: USD10.00 each time the vehicle enters the country.
– Third-Party Insurance: USD30 per month (and for each subsequent month).
– Carbon Tax: USD10.00 per month (and for each subsequent month).

How to Apply for eTIP:

1. Mobile App:
– Download the eTIP app.
– Sign up, activate your account, and log in using your passport number and password.

2. Web:
– Visit
– Sign up, activate your account, and log in using your passport number and password.

3. Application Process:
– Capture driver and vehicle details.
– Declare other goods if applicable.
– Confirm understanding of the Driver’s Declaration and Undertaking.
– Submit your TIP application.
– Receive an auto-generated confirmation with a reference number for border submission.

Additional Features:

Edit My TIP Application: Amend a submitted TIP for corrections or additional information.
Reactivate My Expired TIP Application: Extend the intended travel date.

Don’t miss out on the convenience of the ZIMRA eTIP platform. Follow these steps, and embark on your Zimbabwean journey hassle-free. For more details, visit

Safe travels with Bushlore on a Zimbabwe 4×4 self drive adventure!