Vehicle Stock Shortage

by Jul 29, 2022News

As many of you would have seen, the Toyota factory in South Africa was hit by severe floods. The production line has been severely affected. This comes on top of existing stock shortages post the Covid pandemic.


We were still 23 vehicles short heading into peak season! This despite doing everything possible from our side to prioritise our orders.

This has forced Bushlore to buy a few Ford DC 4×4 vehicles and to upgrade clients to Land Cruiser 4×4’s from time to time (the Land Cruiser is fully imported so less affected than the Hilux which is locally produced). Our terms and conditions do allow for changes in vehicles or equipment to similar or better. This is a typical example of why we have to make allowance for late changes. We will still ensure you have the right 4×4 camp vehicle for your safari and our back up service will always be there.