What Every 4×4 Renter Should Know

by Aug 12, 2019News, Safety Tips

When preparing for a 4×4 self drive safari in Africa, the planning is an important part of a successful trip. Here are a few handy tips that will help you get ready! 



1. You will need your passport, driver’s license and valid credit card when collecting your vehicle. Please ensure adequate funds for your chosen insurance excess which will be pre-authorised.

2. If crossing borders you will receive the necessary documents. Please check these are correct and match the vehicle received.



1. Check that all existing damages are noted on the contract, when you return check again and ensure all info is accurate before signing the return form.

2. Ensure you have all wheel changing tools which include wheel spanner, standard and high lift jack, spare wheel lowering rod if applicable.

3. Check tyre condition – tyres will not always be new but they must have good tread and no obvious sidewall damages.

4. Understand how to use the high lift jack along with the adaptor or wheel buddy system. This is not only for changing wheels but can be key equipment if you find yourself stuck in sand.

5. Ensure you understand how the dual battery system and fridge works. On the bushcampers ensure you understand how the external power connections and inverters work.

6. Check the equipment inventory that you have received all items.

7. Be comfortable with the 4×4 system and functions.



1. We cannot emphasise this enough, with the extra weight on the vehicles and just generally driving in Africa, build in safety margins and do not rush or try to cover too much distance. On gravel roads reduce speed significantly as the loose surface means less traction. Never exceed 80kph if driving at night where there are no fences typical of Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and in areas of South Africa and Namibia.

2. Water crossings in Botswana – never just drive a vehicle through without exiting and walking through the crossing first to ensure the water is less than 70 cm deep and there is no mud.

3. Do not keep food of any sorts in the tents, at night rather place all food items in the fridge or even the vehicle where it is sealed and animals like elephants cannot smell and be attracted to the vehicle.

4. If you encounter any problems with the vehicles, Bushlore essentially gives you an open order to repair or replace and it will be refunded. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance during your trip. If we are aware of the problem we can try and find a solution.

5. Respect and look after the vehicles as they are paramount to your safety.