Wild Dog Project Sponsored By Bushlore

by Jul 27, 2018News, South Africa

In our continuous efforts to make contributions towards conservation projects we have in conjunction with EWT (Endangered wildlife trust) sponsored a VHF collar which has been fitted to one of the wild dogs in the last free roaming pack in South Africa.

The pack roams the Waterberg biosphere area and private land, they have no boundaries and move as they please. The pack has at times come under heavy persecution from the local farmers and it was necessary that two dogs were collared so they could be monitored. The pack are extremely important as they are genetically unique to any other dogs in South Africa.

Derek from EWT has managed to get the buy in from most land owners and the excellent news in the pack is denning and raising offspring.

Visits to view the pack can be arranged. Bushlore are continuing to support the project with donations towards land owners to reduce losses. They are the rarest predator in Africa and no more than 500 survive in South Africa so it is crucial to protect every wild dog.

Get to know your Waterberg Wild Dogs!

Meet Witwater named after very white markings and the Witwater Conservation Area and lodge close by, where the pack spends most of their time! Witwater is the alpha male and has a VHF collar. He has loads of prominent white markings and the whitest dog of the pack, a very impressive looking dog. Witwater is a very weary individual and is very cautious when approaching a carcass always one of the last individuals to feed. An interesting story regarding him was that he was darted twice when the pack was collared because the helicopter was running out of fuel. He was very drowsy and remained in the area for a couple of days whilst the rest of the pack moved 30km away. He was seen on the same farm 4 days after the darting, however on the 5th day he had somehow relocated his pack 30 km away! It is incredible how he could find his pack within 24 hours in the vast Waterberg Wilderness.

Wild Dogs are truly amazing animals.



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